Project summary

Radius Studios developed a promotional HTML5 game for a Ukrainian company.

The game features an in-house substance system that allows assigning a material to any collision object so that it reacts to environment. For example ground has a snow material assigned. When a present collides with it, a particle system is spawned, a sound is played and there’s a trail left behind the present. In addition a present damping value is increased so the present is drastically slowed down over time and stops fast. This allows us to create and assign a large amount of materials without the need of complex event systems.

Technology used

Construct 2

Client info

Due to political situation in Ukraine Radius Studios was not paid for the work and thus all branding and related information was removed and the project is stored in portfolio.

The game is now available at:

Android compiled binary* is also available here:

* Android binary is compiled using CocoonJS and has some visual glitches that does not affect gameplay.