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our work


We offer a wide range of services from small mobile applications to large-scale enterprise services and interactive visual presentations

Software development

Software development starting from small desktop applications to large scalable enterprise software and client-server applications

Game Development

We offer a wide range of game development services varying from mobile promotional titles to large desktop games

Interactive Presentations

Interactive presentations that allow you to show off your works in realtime changing environments on any platform

Mobile Applications

Development services for mobile platforms ranging from enterprise-specific mobile software to interactive mobile presentations

Server-side Applications

Enterprise level server-side applications allow costumers to access and control sensitive data

about us

Radius Studios

Radius Studios is a two-division team of specialists who work on design and technical projects. That’s why we offer 2 different kind of solutions – visualization and application development. We also join our forces for interactive presentations and game development where both divisions are needed.
We keep our team small to be flexible, cut unneeded expanses and follow our work philosophy – dive-in-development. That’s why we are only working on 1 project at a time and we enjoy this much. This allows us to focus on solving a particular set of problems without distracting on other things. Communication is also a big part of our development, so we provide our clients a full access to the projects’ development repository to stay in touch and get fast first hand feedback and strongly encourage our clients to follow us in every step of development, from early planning to final testing and deployment.


Radius Studios corp. Allround development solutions. Programming and Interactivity Division.

  • Address: Kostiushka Tadeusha 2, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Email: contacts@radius-studios.com
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